Officine Cantelmo -Lecce
Officine Cantelmo - Lecce


A new space for the community

The project aims to optimize the flexibility of the spaces and to create new interventions to improve the identity and recognisability of the environments. In particular, the project plans to create a new reception desk and a central functional block that houses the management office and a storage / wardrobe functional to the numerous events and the conference vocation of the space. The cafeteria inside the structure has been completely transformed by the project that has redefined the functional and aesthetic structure, adapting it to the needs of use and using materials that are as homogeneous as possible with respect to the existing structure.
The project also redeveloped the multifunctional hall of the structure with the creation of a new stage that optimizes the useful service spaces during the numerous public events hosted by the structure.

  • Client : Comune di Lecce
  • Team : Archistart studio, SUHD studio
  • Dimension : 1200 mq
  • Place : Lecce
  • Year : 2017
  • Status : complete
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