Awards / Press

🥇 First Place

❯ First place project, International competition for 1st grade Ic Polo 3 Pantaleo Ingusci Secondary School, Nardò (LE) | partner: ATI project | 2022

❯ International comperition for the Restoration and functional transformation of the former Power Station, Sassari | 2022

❯ First place project, Competition for the Regeneration of the “Ex Cassa Mutua Artigiani” Building in Brindisi | 2022

❯ First place project, International Competition for the Regeneration of the “Ex Galateo” Building in Lecce | 2020

❯ First place project, Design Competition for the regeneration of the urban landscapes of Porta Napoli, strategic area for the city of Taranto, Italy | 2021

❯ First place project for the regeneration of the waterfront of Castellaneta Marina | 2020

❯ Competition included in the program “WatErLandsCapes sustainability thrOugh reuse of Marine littEr” (WELCOME) Interreg IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro | 2020

🥈 Second Place

❯ International design competition Scuola G. B. Cavalcaselle, Pont Canavese  2018

❯ International design competition Scuola Scialoia, Milano | 2017 | partner ATI project

🥉 Third Place

❯ Functional regeneration of Camera di Commercio of Rieti

✸ Special Mentions

❯ Design competition for the regeneration of Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria in Vibo Valentia

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