Coni Garden

A new living attitude

A demolition and reconstruction intervention of a building with a strong architectural character which aims to enhance the terraces and gardens and to concern them as a natural extension of the house, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Coni Park in Lecce.


The project is characterized by particular pillars with geometric cuts, which not only offer interesting visual cones towards the urban landscape but they are also functional elements that can contain tools, furniture and system that can occur to the use of the exterior.


This venture is organized by Gruppo Prence Costruzioni with the real estate consultancy by Grimaldi Store Lecce , the technical coordination and design by Reset Ingegneria, with the collaboration of Archistart Studio for the design of the exterior and of Cinzia Pezzuto for the interior design.

  • Team : Gruppo Prence Costruzioni | Grimaldi Store Lecce | Reset Ingegneria | Archistart Studio | Cinzia Pezzuto Interior Design
  • Where : Lecce
  • Year of the project : 2024
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