Hub Turistico Catania

Design competition for the renovation of a building to be used as a tourist services center for the territory and provision of a tourist guidance and knowledge system (SOCT)

Project Proposal – Finalist project

A former monastery becomes a center for tourist services and a multifunctional center for citizens. A new landmark for the city of Catania

The project presented at the competition for the renovation of the former monastery of the Badia di Sant’Agata to be used as a tourist service center, imagines a building that is of support for the tourist activity in the city and that is also capable of generating cultural value, becoming a point of reference for tourists and citizens. The project has provided architectural and functional solutions able to enhance the morphological characteristics of the building itself, preserving the architectural features, the constructive and decorative elements that distinguish it and eliminating the incongruous elements of the building

The building aims to be a new landmark for the city, a hub of services, work and new opportunities, an interactive museum, a coworking and study area, a meeting place to discuss the life of the Sicilian city.

The aim of the project is to give a strong architectural identity to the building, in order to maximize its recognizability. The inner courtyard is redeveloped thanks to a series of interventions to obtain a new multifunctional public space of Catania, urban hub that distributes the innovative services of tourist accommodation and use by citizens.

A clear and immediate logo, a recognizable sign widespread in the city that contains the “C” of Catania and Center that joins the “i” symbol of the information point. Combining these two letters you get the concept of round shapes as the main places of the city.



The presence of the totem is expected in the vicinity of the major attractions of the city and has a purely explanatory function. It can be simply composed of an information panel or equipped with various accessories, such as seat, vase, shading panel to get a small oasis in which to stop.

  • Status: Competition – Finalist project
  • Luogo : Catania
  • 3D Images Credits : Jujuba Images
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