Ciclovia Turistica Transgarganica

“CICLOVIA TURISTICA TRANSGARGANICA”: Design competition for the Recovery of the abandoned railway between San Severo Train Station and Apricena Superiore Train Station 

1st place project

An abandoned infrastructure becomes a path that runs across nature and memory. An itinerary to be discovered and to be learnt, a storytell of the spaces that have drawn the identity of the territory.

The main goal of the project is to reestablish an infrastructure that can provide positive economic, social and strategic impact. The route suggested defines an itinerary able to reclaim the places that represent the identity of the area. The path draws a storytelling written by anthropic and naturalistic stratifications that allow the users to read the route as a place.

The project stands as a thread the gently crosses the territory, providing facilities where needed and letting tourists and inhabitants to discover the area.

San Severo is interested by several touristic paths that are pupular also among foreigners in search of an immersive touristic experience in matter of food, culture and landscape. And the aim of this projects is to support this trend and to offer more facilities and connections.

The proposal shows two different levels of storytelling, memory and nature, that often meet enhancing the territory. The path offers opportunities to share opinions about historical and naturalistic topics together with the promotion of sports and wellness at all ages.


  • Status: Competition –  First place project
  • Location : San Severo / Foggia
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