proposta progettuale piazza vibo valentia

The same square, is a different square every day.


Design proposal for the regeneration of Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria, Vibo Valentia.

Special mention

The project for the regeneration of Piazza Martiri d’Ungheria, focuses on a new configuration of the shared spaces as an answer to a contemporary way of living the city by respecting the identity of the place and of the existing symbols, in order to relate with its new uses and the renewed necessities of urban and life qualities.

The project is characterized by a memorable design able to welcome accessories, changes, events, movement. Beside the physical regeneration of the square, also the community will be involved in the social regeneration of the area.

The keyword of the project is flexibility. The project has been imagined within its temporal dimension, by considering its behavior during the day or a week and its potential evolution in a longer amount of time. The project activates the guidelines to regenerate the surrounding urban environment and a process of redefinition of the historical and social identity of the city.

A multifunctional square

The open space of the square has been designed in a way that it can be adapted to different uses, as a venue for cultural, playful and entertaining events taking place during spring or summer time such as outdoor cinema, concerts and it can also be used as a place to practice outdoor learning with nearby schools.

outdoor cinema / a white board as base for projections

conferences and debates / possibility to build a stage

outdoor study area / allow outdoor lessons for the students of nearby schools

concerts / possibility to build temporary structures to allow sound isolation

socialize / possibility to build temporary shading structures

water games / water fountain with colorful lights where to play and cooling down

temporary exhibitions possibility to build exhibiting stands

market and tasting itinerary organized set up the follows the texture of the pavement

playground playful urban furniture

A sustainable square

The water square was imagined as a playful and relaxing area, dedicated to kids and adults. During rainy days it totally changes its appearence: the water began to flood in and the square becomes a rainwater catch basin to stock water, so to allow less pressure to the sewer system and to be used for agricultural purposes.

Vibo Valentia square


  • Luogo : Vibo Valentia
  • Anno : 2021
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