Fraschetto / Carpineto Romano



Fraschetto is a light-weighted, flexible, modular, easy-to-build table.

It has been created in occasion of Refà, a urban regeneration festival that aims to help participative processes for the regeneration of  the city of Carpineto Romano.

It has been realized during a self-construction workshop where the participants built a series of pop-up tables to be implied for the social dinner organized for the closing event of the festival.

The idea behind Fraschetto arose from a detailed observation of the urban context. Carpineto Romano is a Medieval village, characterized by narrow streets, full of suggestive perspectives. The table, thanks to its basic module, follows a linear set up layout, and so it is perfectly integrated into the urban context it belongs to.

Each table is made up by a surface board, with specific wind-bracing and two racks. The wide surface board lays on two simmetrical vertical elements, and six cilidric pieces.

Gif Fraschetto

The racks, not only secure the surface board, but they also allow the flexibilty of the accessory elements beetween each table, which can be placed on different levels. These special elements help to keep the distance between tables, according to Covid restrictions, and they can be used as support for trays or plants.

Fraschetto can be easily unbuilt, moved and used for public events promoted by the municipality.

Fraschetto / social dinner


  • Team : Archistart
  • Luogo : Carpineto Romano
  • Anno : 2021
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