Green Road Cagliari

Concorso di progettazione per l’attuazione dell’azione di sistema “+CONNESSI” E “ALTRO TURISMO” del Piano Strategico Metropolitano Green Road del Comune di Cagliari.

Progetto secondo classificato

The project is part of the strategic plans promoted by the Municipality of Cagliari called  “+ Connessi”, “Vita Attiva”, “Energetica” e “Altro turismo” and aims to develop an high technology system, strongly oriented towards a sustainable approach. The main goal of the project is to create an infrastructure that has a positive economic, social and strategic impact of the area, obtaining a new public space focusing on historical and naturalistic identity.

The proposal shows two different levels of storytelling, memory and nature, that often meet enhancing the territory. The path offers opportunities to share opinions about historical and naturalistic topics together with the promotion of sports and wellness at all ages.

An hybrid itinerary, that can be crossed on foot or by bike, that improves the quality of the infrustructures by adding useful faciliies to the path. New points of view and rest areas have been identified along the path with minor works that turn out to be well integrated with the landscape.


  • Team : Archistart Studio
  • Place : Cagliari
  • Year : 2024
  • Status : Competition – Second Place Project
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