When the stone dominates

Casa Litarà is a recovery of an ancient farmhouse from the late 1800s, a rural residence related to the processing of tobacco.
In Casa Litarà the stone dominates in the barrel and the so-called star vaults, on the floors, in the furnishings, and since the most beautiful creations are born from the encounter and contamination of different elements, in the 4 bedrooms the stone meets the other four materials: wood, cement tiles, iron and terracotta. Km0 materials worked by local artisans and companies, so to better tell about the territory.
From their match the rooms of Casa Litarà come to life. Each is characterized by the predominance of one material rather than another, and each tells a story, which only the attentive guest will be able to ntoice by experiencing the atmosphere that each room offers.

  • Client : Privato
  • Team : Archistart Studio
  • Collaborator : Studio Ingegno
  • Dimension : 300mq
  • Place : Cutrofiano – Lecce
  • Year : 2018
  • Status : completed
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